Yukon Astronomical Society

Financial Responsibility Policy

Last Updated by RASC Yukon Board: December 11, 2017

Purpose: The purpose of this policy it to ensure that the Society and its Board of Directors conducts the
financial affairs of the Society in the best interest of the Society, and that such activities are financially
sustainable for the Society.

  1. All members may make donation to the Society, including monetary, labour or material
  2. No director or member shall financially commit the Society for more than $70 without a
    majority approval from the Board of Directors. This includes reimbursement of directors as per
    section 30. of the Society’s by-laws.
  3. The Society shall not be responsible for any unauthorized financial claims by members and
    directors. All unauthorized and/or declined financial claims remain the sole financial
    responsibility of the claimant.
  4. No member, including directors, may gain un-due influence in the Society by way of financial or
    material contributions.
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