June 9 and 10: Annular solar eclipse! This event is not visible from Whitehorse but is visible in more northern and eastern locations. YAS will be holding an event on the Dome in Dawson City. See our main page for the  event poster!

Move event listings to follow.


The RASC Yukon Centre Observatory is located on the hill behind the Takhini Hot Pools. We have a small parking lot along the road for the Takhini Campground. If this lot is full, the next nearest parking is the main parking lot of the Takhini Hot Pools to the Observatory. From the small parking lot, follow the footpath directly up the hill to reach the Observatory.

To reach the small parking lot: Turn right at the end of Takhini Hotsprings Road, as if you were going to the campground. Follow this road without taking any of the branches to the right. The small lot is on the left hand side of the road. The footpath to the observatory is across the road from this small parking lot.

During the summer, we can provide road access directly to the observatory for people with disabilities.

Events are free for members and by donation for guests.

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