March 22: stargazing at the observatory 7-9pm

April 12: stargazing at the observatory 9-11pm – CANCELLED due to availability and weather.

April 19: Westar Lecture with Doug Johnstone, “Up All Night: Life at the Summit of Maunakea”, 7-8pm via Zoom.
Email us for the registration link!
Abstract: Research astronomers tend to fall into two categories. Those that theorize about how the Universe works, using our best understanding of physics and chemistry, and those that observe the Universe directly, using the most technologically advanced telescopes and instruments. I have been fortunate enough to straddle these two areas of research as I work to understand the formation of young stars and planetary systems. In this talk I will weave theories and observations together, taking you on a journey through the process of encountering a new idea about how stars evolve, turning the idea into a research proposal, planning the required observations, and journeying to the telescope to make the measurements. Along the way we will discuss a little astrophysics, encounter a pinch of astrochemistry, and veer near astrobiology, all while enjoying amazing views of the night sky.

May 10: stargazing at the observatory, exact time to be determined

May 26: total lunar eclipse visible in the early morning hours

June 10: annular solar eclipse, this event is not visible from Whitehorse but is visible in more northern and eastern locations. YAS is planning an event on the Dome in Dawson City. Stay tuned for details!

Move event listings to follow.

The RASC Yukon Centre Observatory is located on the hill behind the Takhini Hot Pools and is accessible by foot. It takes about five (5) minutes to walk from the main parking lot of the Takhini Hot Pools to the Observatory, including a short steep walk uphill. Follow the road from the Tahkini Campground to a small parking lot on the left hand side of the road (there is very limited parking here). The footpath to the observatory is across the road from this small parking lot. During the summer, we provide road access for people with disabilities.

Events are free for members and by donation for guests.

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