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Find out about our 2019 Observing Schedule

Astronomical Times for Whitehorse (60.7, -135.05)
Starting 20 Aug 2019, for the next 10 days
DateMorningSunriseSunsetEveningMoonriseMoonsetMoon Phase
20 Aug 201904:5206:2321:4323:1223:1512:21day 19 of Moon
21 Aug 201904:5406:2521:4023:0923:2513:40
22 Aug 201904:5706:2821:3723:0623:3815:00
23 Aug 201904:5906:3021:3423:0323:5516:23day 22 of Moon
24 Aug 201905:0206:3321:3123:00None17:45
25 Aug 201905:0406:3521:2822:5700:2219:01
26 Aug 201905:0706:3821:2522:5401:0320:03day 25 of Moon
27 Aug 201905:0906:4021:2222:5102:0520:47
28 Aug 201905:1206:4321:1922:4803:2921:16
29 Aug 201905:1406:4521:1622:4505:0521:36day 28 of Moon
Planetary Data for today
VisibilityGoodGoodPrimeNot visibleNot visibleNot visibleNot visibleNot visible

About the YAS

The mission of the RASC: Yukon Centre (Yukon Astronomical Society) is to help all Yukoners learn more about astronomy. To enhance understanding of and inspire curiosity about the Universe, through public outreach, education, and support for astronomical research.
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