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As the midnight Sun takes over the sky, we wrap up our bi-weekly Monday Night Astronomer workshop
series, today , May 28 th at 7pm to 9pm at Room A2402 at the Yukon College.

Today’s topic: open discussion about our own astronomical observations, astronomy news and our
observatory project.

If you can, bring some crackers, coke or juice or similar to share. The series will resume on September
10 th .

During the summer we will focus on our observatory project and we are hoping having an opening
ceremony on August 23 rd , on the first day of our 2 nd Annual Yukon Star Party.

If your membership expired or about to expire, you have the option to renew at , by
choosing “Yukon Centre” as your centre.

The following ways you can follow our news, programs and events first-hand for the most recent

  • Website: is our first preferred way to share information and
    communicate with members and the public. (Please note that our old website expired).
  • Facebook public page: RASC Yukon Centre – Yukon Astronomical Society
  • Facebook member GROUP page: Yukon Astronomical Society (please request your membership
    directly at the site
  • Twitter: @yukonastronomy

I am hoping that this year we’ll engage in a lot of fun programs, volunteer work, and outreaches about
astronomy, together.

Either we meet or not today or during the summer, for the Board of Directors of the Yukon Astronomical
Society/RASC Yukon Centre and myself, I wish a great summer to you until our Star Party in August, or at
the next workshop in September!

With amateur astronomers’ greeting:

Clear skies,

Vikki Zsohar
President, Yukon Astronomical Society
RASC Yukon Centre

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